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We have been cooperating with multiple companies for over 10 operation years

  • abd Entertaiment
  • Salym Petroleum
  • Alrosa
  • Canon
  • Uraldomstroy
  • Shell
  • Huawei
  • Materia Medica
  • Ruson
  • Leo Smart
  • Lesovik
  • Procter and Gamble
To create a cartoon character, which will be used as the company’s representative in advertising materials.
The works completed:
Several options for character sketching have been developed according to the customer’s wishes. The character is modeled and visualized in 3D.
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South Park
An intracorporate entertainment video was created within «South Park» animated series early seasons style in honor of «Salym Petroleum» employee.
The works completed:
The video’s animation part has been completed while using the loop animation.
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Explain Mopra.ru service capabilities and money earning ways to potential customers.
The works completed:
A scenario has been created, storyboard has been completed, a video sequence was drawn while using 2D graphics, the video was voiced by a professional announcer.
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Presentation for Canon
Make the presentation’s introductory part to be showed on the big screen within Canon Annual Partnership Conference.
The organizers’ idea is:
To simulate the spectators’ journey on a spaceship.
The works completed:
Space flight was created while using 3D graphics and real galaxies pictures.
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Video screensavers for CSKA
Create video profiles for HC CSKA players and coaches, as well as a graphics package for CSKA stadium. The work was carried out while cooperating with Boxglass.
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SHELL presentation
Create new Shell products videos for an exhibition-presentation for 2 working days.
The works completed:
Dynamic screensavers have been created while using 3D animation in a single corporate style.
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Work examples

We provide the following video types

Choose the one which best suits you and your business
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Presentation video

Video duration varies from 30 seconds to 1.5-2 minutes. Such video demonstrates the product, service or the whole company features and benefits.

Promotional video

A short video (lasts from 10 seconds to 2 minutes), which goal is to involve a potential buyer to make certain action, for example order, sign up, call, etc.

Image video

Either short video or a full-fledged film about the company, allowing to clearly demonstrate its spirit, atmosphere and values.

Training video

Such video type explains the way to use either service or product in details

Our highly-professional team is able to create any video while using 2D or 3D graphics, video shooting and editing

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Work scheme

From the first meeting to the video completed
Request submitting or call
Work types, terms, payment options determination and agreement signing
Speaker selection and sound record
Scenario invention and approval
Characters drawing and approval, if any
Storyboard and approval
Characters/pictures animation, video editing, sound and special effects adding
order video

Our highly-qualified and experienced team

makes every effort to satisfy our customers with the result
Sergey Harutyunyan
studio manager and producer
Alena Bannova
project manager
Roman Lukinov
sound engineer
Evgeny Solomin
3d modeler


Sergey Kolosov

ABD creative agency emphasizes its gratitude to Sergey S. Arutyunyan and his professional team for the long-term partnership in the video products creation for the largest Russian and multinational companies events, including Huawei, Glencore, Swatch Group, BNP Paribas, Salym Petroleum, Alrosa, Metalloinvest, Akron, Freight One Company, NMLK, Autoworld, Samsonite, Biocard, etc

ABD customers always praise the product, created by Sergey’s team since this product always meets the highest standards set by the largest domestic and foreign companies.

ABD Agency appreciates the partnership with Sergey Harutyunyan’s team for a high responsibility degree and customer focus level as well as the ability to hear the client’s wishes and high operation speed. Sergey is always striving to do a little more than he is asked, hereby ensuring the high product quality, which successfully competes with the famous metropolitan video studios’ products.

We recommend Sergey as a reliable partner and wish him further creative growth and new goals achievements.

Dmitry Demakov
Boxglass Co-founder

Our company was looking for a partner to create an interactive 3d video, which presented the large state corporation capabilities at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi in February 2018.

We turned to Sergey since there are just little highly-experienced 3d specialists in our region. We decided that we may hope for a decent result while cooperating with Sergey and his team, having studied the work examples.

And we were right! Both 3d models and animation were worked out to the smallest detail, despite the work was carried out in a very short time. The video provided was presentable and futuristic – it met our wishes. Both we and our end customer were fully satisfied!

What is the way to choose and order high-quality and selling video?

Why do I need a video?

The most important is to determine the goal of your video. What tasks should it resolve?


«Demonstrate your production scale»;
«The customers should realize your products are handmade»;
«Convince customers our company provides the best service and quality»;

Then think about your video format.

Which movie do you want to order?

  1. 1) Promotional video
  2. 2) Presentation video
  3. 3) Image video
  4. 4) Training video

Target Audience or Who is my customer?

Multiple businesses tend to ignore the audience determination stage. They are sure their target audience is «all solvent people». But this is a big mistake.

There is an opportunity to determine your target audience in CRM system. Just ask managers about it and they will accurately identify the main customers segments and their «issues».

Targeted video advertising will provide perfect results.

Promo placement.

You probably determined both the place and the way to place your promotional video? Maybe you prefer TV or Youtube? Or maybe you choose the street billboards or the ones in shopping malls? Or are you making a video for your company’s website?

The site type affects multiple factors.